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Hard drives crash. BIOS upgrades fail. Data gets corrupted. All the more reason for you to back up your data often and regularly.

I heard a joke once. It went like this:

A girl thinks to herself, "I haven't backed up in a while. I should do that soon". Her computer responds with: "Hold my beer".

And that's how I describe my great emotional crisis of January 2018.

A couple of years ago, I started getting deeper into using Python at work, and after rediscovering how much I loved coding, I made the decision to pursue web development full time. This last year has been spent taking classes and documenting everything that I learned. And then going back and refining my notes when I learned something new (or better). I had done this to the point where I had a pretty good size Word document that had me considering writing a book and sharing all of this knowledge with others. This document along with all of my detailed OneNote pages from each of the classes I had taken over the last year was a resource that I used every day when working on my websites and other projects.

Then the unthinkable happened. My computer, just three days beyond the expiration of my one-year warranty, crashed and burned. I was immediately ill because I knew it had been a while since I backed up. I pulled out my handy USB drive (I had to find it first) and hooked it up to another laptop to see how far back I would have to start from. When I saw the date of the last backup, my stomach dropped. It had been an entire year since I last backed up. All of my notes and resources were lost. I am not going to lie... there were tears. And some nausea.

The one bright spot in all of this is that one of the first classes that I had taken taught me how to use GitHub and I had been fastidious with my commits and pushes. All of my websites were 100% up to date in the cloud. (Whew!)

Moral of this story: Don't wait to do your backups! And if you are a privacy freak and conspiracy theorist and avoid saving your data in the wild, get over it. Find a place you trust and save your data. And if you can't bring yourself to upload it, then keep that USB drive handy and back it up every time you make a big change as well as on a regular schedule.

Happy coding!

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