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Written by on in Development.

I purchased a MacBook Pro in 2018 to facilitate the development and writing ventures I have undertaken. But I still need my Windows environment for work so I often switch back and forth between the two. That leads to some frustrations when the mouse doesn't work the same and/or the …

Image credit: craftsmany.com 14-Jun-2017 Use SSH with SSH keys

Recently I added two-factor authentication to my GitLab account. Doing this caused some issues with some of my local existing repositories that required me to get familiar with SSH keys. This article covers what I learned.

Image credit: David Travis on Unsplash
Written by on in Project Management.

People often feel very strongly about meetings. They either hate them or they embrace them. As a project manager, we live in a world of moving from one meeting to the next. This is why we need to be effective with our note-taking.

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Glossary of Terms

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A data warehouse is a central repository of integrated data whose content is derived from the various operational databases and is used to store current and historical data in one place. Data in the data warehouse often goes through a cleansing process referred to as ETL or Extract, Transform and …

A relational database is a database that represents data as a collection of tables in which all data relationships are represented by common values in related tables. Relational databases are tabular (table-like) and inflexible in their design. Each record contains the same exact fields, whether those fields contain data or …

A user story is an Agile term that describes how the application will work from the user's point of view.

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