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I love Django, a Python web development framework. It's my favorite tool for building websites. But I've noticed a trend toward using a JavaScript frontend such as React or Vue and wondered what all the fuss was about. Why use something else when Django has everything you need?

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Written by on in Project Management.

If you ask project managers how they got into the profession, most will tell you they started out somewhere else and eventually drifted into it. Rarely do you come across someone who set out from the beginning of their career to become a project manager.

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Earlier this year I received a text from a woman I worked with last year on a project management consulting job. She reached out to let me know that she got her PMP certification and wanted to thank me for my help and guidance while we worked together. This experience …

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Glossary of Terms

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A data warehouse is a central repository of integrated data whose content is derived from the various operational databases and is used to store current and historical data in one place. Data in the data warehouse often goes through a cleansing process referred to as ETL or Extract, Transform and …

A relational database is a database that represents data as a collection of tables in which all data relationships are represented by common values in related tables. Relational databases are tabular (table-like) and inflexible in their design. Each record contains the same exact fields, whether those fields contain data or …

A user story is an Agile term that describes how the application will work from the user's point of view.

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